Power Play: How Will Foreign Policy Play For Gop Sixteeners?

Watch the Video Here

A debate on war powers, harsh interrogations and domestic surveillance has again roiled the GOP. So how will that shape the campaign for the party’s nomination in 2016? When it comes to foreign policy and the potential 2016 GOP presidential contenders, Republican strategist Sarah Lenti called Sen.Rand Paul, R-Ky., too “isolationist” on the issues, while she believes Jeb Bushhas enough foreign policy experience through watching his father and brother as presidents, as well as through his experience as governor of Florida. Democratic rainmaker David Mercer said Republicans don’t even have a foreign policy record. Watch the debate here.

[Nuke ‘em? – Should the incoming Senate Republican majority keep the Democrat’s “nuclear option” of a 51-vote threshold for executive branch nominees? “Watch Lenti and Mercer hash it out here.]