Business empress, now super-surrogate: Can Ivanka Trump be dad’s deal-closer?

Fox News-Aug 1, 2016
Sarah Lenti, a Denver-based Republican consultant, suggested the Trump daughter proved an asset in Cleveland and should be deployed to whatever extent possible.
“I think [Trump] needs to play the woman’s card as much as possible. She was highly relatable and is extremely well-liked among working- and middle-class women,” Lenti said.
During a recent focus group of women, Lenti found a majority of them disliked both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump — but related to Ivanka.
“They wanted to hear more from her on the issues. They were really impressed with her grace and what she has accomplished in life,” Lenti told “Older and middle-aged women don’t want to hear about abortion. They want to hear about how to balance work and life. [Ivanka] is a mom of three, she works a full-time job and she has her own business. She gets it.”
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