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sarah for webSarah Lenti works as a policy consultant and political advisor to Republican Party leaders, elected officials, up-and-coming candidates, executives, and even a rock & roll band. She is the CEO and founder of SML Advisory Partners.

Starting off as a Russian & East European Studies graduate student from Stanford University, Sarah has a varied background. She commenced with a career in defense contracting work, then quickly moved to enter the policy/political world, joining the George W. Bush 2000 campaign in Austin.

Lenti has proudly:

Sarah is a frequent contributor to FOX News, FOX Business, and The BBC World News Service. She is honored to be selected for the following:



Jenny Spiller works as the sole executive assistant to Sarah Lenti, CEO and founder of SML Advisory Jenny Option 3Partners. 

She has dual citizenship in the United States and United Kingdom and has lived and traveled extensively in  Africa, Australia, Europe, and America.

Jenny is a recent graduate from the University of Colorado- Denver with an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a minor in Philosophy. She was also able to volunteer for several organizations including ZEAL’s Equine Assisted Therapy Program.

Jenny is a mountain enthusiast who enjoys trail running, snowboarding, and horseback riding. She hopes to pursue a Doctorate degree in Rehabilitation therapy in the future. 




National security background with a focus on Russian and Eastern Europe as well as defense policy; provides domestic policy research for Presidential candidates; develops foreign and domestics policy platforms for candidates and politically-minded entities at the state and national level.


Assists candidates in fostering and developing industry-specific as well as state-and-national political networks; advocates on behalf of nonprofits to advance their political missions in key battleground states; enjoys candidate recruitment, especially female candidate recruitment.


Serves as spokeswoman and speechwriter for presidential and state-wide campaigns; contributes to FOX News, FOX Business, and BBC News.


Assists national fundraising efforts for non-profits, U.S. Senate candidates, and for Attorneys General across the United States.




Sarah’s current roster of clients include several Attorneys General; Political Parity, a 501c3 dedicated to seeing more women elected to higher office; the State Government Leadership Foundation, a 501c4 dedicated to promoting good, conservative policy development at the state level; as well as an immigration reform documentary project in conjunction with Jeb Bush, Jr.



Recently, Lenti has taken on brief research/advisory stints with Agenda, Grayling, and Impact 100 Council.


I oversaw Sarah’s work during the time that she was serving at the White House on the National Security Council in the international economics sphere. Sarah is smart, hard working, and results driven. She is able to take complex problems, break them down to their essence, and find pragmatic solutions. She has an analytical and creative mind and is able to express herself in clear and concise terms. Sarah is a wonderful team player and a pleasure to work with. 

– Reuben Jeffery III, CEO of Rockefeller & Co., Former Undersecretary of State for Economics, Energy & Agricultural Affairs

Sarah has been an absolute privilege to work with over the past few years.  Whether it’s immigration reform, film documentaries, raising funds, voter registration, or just talking political strategy, I’ve admired and learned from her determination and experience.  I look forward to continue working with Sarah over the years, and honored to call her a friend.

– Jeb Bush Jr.

Sarah Lenti is a savvy, insightful, multi-talented dynamo who you will always want to have on your team.  Whether your project involves foreign policy, domestic politics or media relations, Sarah knows who to call and is responsive 24-7 until the job is done.

– Kerry Healey, President of Babson College, Former Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts

Sarah and I have been working on the strategy for a new documentary film.  She is razor sharp, thoughtful, and  incredibly skilled in terms of her ability to think outside of the box.  She is a gem and I have loved working with her.

– Mary Mazzio, Founder and CEO, 50 EGGS FILMS


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